Located to the south of Dholpur, the Shergarh Fort was built by Raja Maldeo of Jodhpur. It was reconstructed in 1540 by Sher Shah Suri and named after the Sultan of Delhi. This fort was initially built in defence against the rulers of Mewar. This historic monument is considered to be the epitome of rich, delicately-styled architecture from the past. Adorned with carved images, statues of Hindu gods and Jain motifs, the Shergarh Fort was once protected by water and is considered to be the charm of Dholpur.

Shergarh Fort in Dholpur.

Shergarh Fort, now in ruins, is said to be more than 3,000 years old. As per historical records, this fort was first built by King Maldev in 1532. Sher Shah attacked and captured it. It had, then, been rechristened after Sher Shah Sur who restored the fort in 1540 AD to protect the Afghan kingdom from the onslaughts the Mewar in mid 16th century on the western frontier. It served as a strong and strategically located defense measure. Shergarh Fort was in use until the beginning of 20th century. The fort is embellished with enchanting images, beautifully carved sculptures of Hindu gods and delicate Jain motifs. Shergarh Fort has four gates but the frequently used gate was on the eastern side. It houses a Hanuman Temple, several palaces, courtyards, a tomb and several other structures in ruined form. The Shergarh Fort in Dholpur is one of historically and archaeologically important forts of Rajasthan. It’s upkeep is in the hands of the government. No ticket is required to visit this fort.

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