Dausa is a small ancient town named after a Sanskrit word Dhau-sa meaning Beautiful like Heaven.
Also referred as Deva Nagri, located around 55 km from Jaipur, on National Highway 11.

The city was the first headquarter of the former Kachhawaha Dynasty and has much history and
archaeological importance linked to it. Situated away from the bustling cities, the town of Dausa
offers an authentic rural experience in Rajasthan.



Located 33 kms from Dausa adjacent to the Chand Baori is a temple dedicated to Harshat Mata – the goddess of joy and happiness. As per the legends, the goddess is always cheerful and showers the people with blessings of joy and happiness. Its magnificent architecture and sculptural styles are a delight for the eyes!


Abhaneri 88 kms from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Agra road is another attraction of Dausa, it is believed to be established by Raja Chandra. Originally named as Abha Nagri which means the city of brightness due to mispronunciation it is now called as Abhaneri. The Department of Tourism hosts a wonderful two-day “Abhaneri Festival” promoting heritage tourism in the area. Cultural performances and village camel safari are the main attractions of the festival. One of the popular places to visit in Abhaneri is the Chand Baori (stepwell). Built back in the eighth century, it is one of the deepest and largest step wells in India. The phenomenal structure is 19.5 meters in depth and features 1000 narrow steps, spanning 13 storeys.


Jhajhirampura is famous for its natural water tank as well as the temples of Rudra (Shiv), Balaji (Hanuman), and other gods and goddesses. It is situated around 45 km away from the district headquarters, towards Baswa (Bandikui). Surrounded by hills and water resources, this place has natural and spiritual glory.


Bhandarej is located about 65 km from Jaipur, on the Jaipur-Agra highway, and about 10 km from Dausa. Bhandarej, during Mahabharata times, was known as Bhadrawati. The walls, sculptures, decorative lattice work jaalis, terracotta utensils, etc., found in excavations, speak volumes about the ancient splendor of this place. The Bhandarej Baori (step-well) and Bhadrawati Palace are popular places to visit,and are fine examples of the grand history of the region. Its history can be traced back to the 11 th century, when the Kachhawaha Chieftan Dulha Rai defeated the Bargujars and conquered Bhandarej. The region is also famous for carpet making.


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