Bheelberi Waterfall: A Natural Marvel in Todgarh Raoli Reserve


Nestled at the intersection of Rajsamand and Pali districts, Bheelberi Waterfall stands tall at 55 meters, making it one of Rajasthan’s highest waterfalls. This natural spectacle becomes particularly mesmerizing during heavy rainfall when the waterfall is at its fullest, gushing over rocks and down into a scenic stream. The water here feeds into the Revuia tank, creating a lush wetland environment.

How to Reach:
Bheelberi is about a 3-hour drive from Udaipur. Travelers can take a bus or hire a cab, passing through Nathdwara, Rajsamand, and Devgarh. From the NH-8 Delhi-Udaipur route, take a left turn at Puthiya Kheda. The sanctuary is just 6 kilometers from this point. The nearest railway stations are Marwar Junction (43 km) and Pali-Marwar (75 km).

Chuliya Waterfall: Rajasthan’s Best-Kept Secret

chuliya waterfall

Rawatbhata, located in Chittorgarh district, is home to the impressive Chuliya Waterfall, a series of cascades formed by the Chambal River near the Rana Pratap Sagar Dam. The dam, which supports a 172 MW hydroelectric power plant, has led to unique riverbed formations. The natural circular rock formations, resembling bangles (chudiyan), give Chuliya its name.

How to Reach: Chuliya Waterfall is approximately 53 kilometers from Kota. You can make a day trip from Kota, enjoying the other attractions the city offers.

Padajhar Waterfall: The Hidden Gem of Rawat Bhatta


In the heart of Rawat Bhatta, Chittorgarh district, lies the Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall, a hidden gem and a perfect picnic spot. This picturesque waterfall offers a tranquil retreat for families and friends looking to spend quality time amidst nature.

How to Reach:
Located about 10 kilometers from the main city of Rawat Bhatta, the waterfall is easily accessible. It is around 60 kilometers from Kota and 120 kilometers from Chittorgarh. Regular bus services operate between Kota, Chittorgarh, and Rawat Bhatta.

Darr Barhana Waterfall: A Scenic Delight in Bharatpur


Darr Barhana Waterfall, located in the Bharatpur district, comes alive during the monsoon season. The lush greenery of the surrounding hills and the cascading water create a picturesque and inviting scene. This hidden gem is a perfect spot for those looking to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty and enjoy a refreshing retreat.

How to Reach: Darr Barhana is a small village in Bayana Tehsil, about 51 kilometers south of Bharatpur. It is easily accessible by road, with nearby towns and villages providing transportation options.

Dhru Dhiya Waterfall: The Pearl of Mount Abu


For those seeking an off-the-grid experience, Dhru Dhiya Waterfall near Mount Abu is a must-visit. This serene waterfall is a hidden treasure in the forested area of Mount Abu, offering a pristine nature escape. A visit here guarantees a refreshing experience surrounded by the raw beauty of the hills.

How to Reach:
The waterfall is near Mount Abu, one of Rajasthan’s premier hill stations, making it easily accessible for visitors.

Menal Waterfall: The Majestic Drop


No visit to Chittorgarh is complete without witnessing the grandeur of Menal Waterfall. With water plummeting from a staggering height of 150 meters, Menal Falls is a breathtaking sight, especially during the monsoon season. The surrounding flora attracts various bird species and wildlife, adding to the charm of this natural wonder.

How to Reach:
Menal village is located about 90 kilometers from Chittorgarh, along the Chittor-Bundi Road, making it a convenient drive from the city.

Bhimlat Waterfall: The Desert Oasis


Situated in Bundi, Bhimlat Waterfall is a delightful surprise in Rajasthan’s arid landscape. Falling from a height of 60 meters into a serene, sea-green pool, this waterfall creates a stunning contrast against the desert backdrop. It’s an ideal weekend getaway, especially during the monsoon season when the waterfall is at its most magnificent.

How to Reach:
Bhimlat Waterfall is 73 kilometers from Kota and 206 kilometers from Jaipur, making it a convenient drive from both cities.

Gaipernath Waterfall: The Hidden Treasure of Kota


Gaipernath Waterfall, near Kota, is another must-see during the monsoon season. The trek to the waterfall, involving around 300 steps, is an adventure in itself, offering beautiful views along the way.

How to Reach:
Gaipernath is situated about 23 kilometers from Kota, on the Rawat Bhatta route, making it an easily accessible gem full of geological wonders.

Damoh Waterfall: Sarmathura’s Scenic Spots


While Sarmathura in Dholpur district may not have major waterfalls, it boasts beautiful natural surroundings. Nearby attractions include Machkund Temple, Shergarh Fort, Talab-e-Shahi Lake, and Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Reach: Sarmathura is accessible by road, with Dholpur offering the nearest transportation hubs.

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