Birds are the most important element of our environment. There are many people in the world who love and like birds. Bird lovers can and do spend their whole life in the midst of birds. If you are also one of those bird lovers, then Chandlai Lake located in Jaipur is one of the best places for you. There are a large number of different species of birds on this lake, which fills every moment you spend with joy. Migratory birds visit this lake in abundance. Seeing whom you will be fascinated by their beauty. You get to see rare species of birds on Chandlai Lake Jaipur, one of which is specially seen here, Pied Avochet. Through this blog, we will know the interesting history of Chandlai Lake, how to reach here, as well as about the birds found here.


Chandlai Lake has been included in the category of the protected lake under the Rajasthan Lake Development and Conservation Authority’s Ordinance 2015. Under the Rajasthan Lake Development and Conservation Authority’s Ordinance 2015, Chandlai Lake has been included in the category of the protected lake. This lake has 140 years old inland water body which has its own importance in cultural and historical terms. After getting the permission of the government, Chandlai Lake in Jaipur has become a major attraction.

In the year 1987, Later construction was done on Chandlai Lake. According to the basic report of the Government of Rajasthan, the water body of this lake is very ancient. According to the Rajasthan Environment Department, the environment of this lake attracts more than 1000 migratory birds on Chandlai Lake. A lot of activities have been arranged for the tourists at Chandlai Lake. These activities include boating, cycle track, horse riding, etc. After Jal Mahal, Rajasthan Lake Development Department has done the work of development and expansion of Chandlai Lake.

Measures have been taken to check the polluted water of the city in this lake. Due to these efforts of the government, this lake is free from pollution and remains a major center of tourism.


It is very easy for the local people of Jaipur to identify here. Chandlai Lake is on Jaipur Tonk Road. This lake is situated at a distance of about 30 km from Jaipur. National Highway 12 passes near Chandlai Lake, as well as National Highway 48 and Ring Road also pass through it. The way to reach Chandlai Lake is very simple and easy. When you reach here, you get to see the captivating view of beautiful birds here. Chandlai Lake can also be called the home of migratory birds. Many exotic birds can be seen on it.

Chandlai Lake Tour and Enjoy Beautiful birds

If you want to spend your time amidst nature and its elements like animals and birds, then Chandlai Lake is one of the best places for you. This lake is home to beautiful birds, you can enjoy the melodious sound of these birds by visiting here. This lake is also a picnic spot of Rajasthan. Where you can spend precious time with your family and friends, it strengthens your relationship and adds sweetness to your relationship. Chandlai Lake is drenched with natural beauty, here you get to see the priceless and wonderful views of nature. These views are enough to make you drowsy.

You can go for a walk on Chandlai Lake with your friends and family members to remove the fatigue of the week. The natural surroundings and beautiful bird’s view here remove your tiredness for a week.


It is very easy to reach Chandlai Lake from Jaipur city and you are happy to see the wonderful sight of birds reaching here. Along with being the stronghold of the migratory Kashio, many indigenous birds are also found here. Different species of birds come and settle on this lake. The list of birds found on Chandlai Lake is given below:

  1. Little Cormorant
  2. Green Sandpiper
  3. Common Moorhen
  4. Purple Moorhen
  5. Common Coot
  6. Little Grebe
  7. Greater Flamingo
  8. Spot-Billed Duck
  9. Eurasian Wigeon
  10. Purple Heron
  11. Grey Heron
  12. Spotted Red Shank
  13. Common Red Shank
  14. White Wagtail
  15. Little Ringed Plover
  16. Ruddy Shelduck
  17. Black-Winged Stilt
  18. Brown Capped Night Heron

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